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Recommendations on Information And Propaganda Activities And Events Pertaining To The Second Round Of Elections Of The President Of The Russian Federation In The Rostov Oblast

Heads of City and Region Administrations
of the Rostov Oblast
Regional Headquarters of Yeltsin support

(June - July, 1996)

I. The main slogan of the second stage of the Presidential Campaign

The main message of the first part of the Presidential campaign was the following:

«B.N. Yeltsin - our President»

The main message of the second stage of the Presidential campaign is the following:

«Now we are united!»

The formulation of this message became possible for several reasons:

- After the results of the first round of elections had been announced it became clear to the majority of citizens that President Yeltsin is going to win in the second round of elections;
- His success is prepared first of all by the fact that in the second round of elections the votes of other Presidential candidates (Yavlinski, Zhirinovski, Lebed and Fyodorov) will mostly go to President Yeltsin;
- Political parties, movements, blocs, leaders, ordinary citizens who earlier voted for the opponents of the incumbent President are now declaring (in the Oblast of Rostov and in most territories of Russia that they have only one choice - President Yeltsin);

Such understanding forms the basis for our consolidation and promotes the unity of the majority of citizens and organizations of Russia and in the Oblast of Rostov in particular. On a wider scale such consolidation not only provides for success of President Yeltsin but also guarantees the implementation of the social and economic reforms, programs and insures stability, welfare in the country and Oblast in particular. It contributes to people's confidence in their lives and in the future of the region where they reside.

II. General strategy for the conduct of the political campaign: «Now that we are united».

To demonstrate in mass media and through direct contacts with voters two major standpoints:

a) we (I) have supported and continue to support President Yeltsin;
b) we (I) did not support President Yeltsin, but we do want to support him in the second round of elections;

Presumably, those who are holding the second point of view constitute about 50% of Yeltsin supporters. It should be kept in mind that a significant increase of the number of Yeltsin supporters that exists in reality should remain evident for all citizens. The tactics of the second stage of the Presidential campaign under the message: «Now that we are united!» should include the formation on all levels as well as at precincts the lists of persons and organizations that are able to speak for President Yeltsin. The following criteria could be used for gathering the information and completion of such lists:

- Deputies of the State Duma of the RF from the Rostov Oblast;

- Deputies of the Oblast Duma as well as of other representative bodies of state power;

- Prominent figures

Directors and Chiefs of the largest enterprises and establishments;
Representatives of culture and science;
Sportsmen Doctors;

- Political Leaders and Activists

Leaders of political parties, movements and blocs;
Activists of political parties, movements and blocs;
Members of political parties, movements and blocs;

- Leaders, activists, members of public associations

-Representatives of various social groups

Individuals engaged in the state sector of the economy;
Individuals involved in the private sector of economy;
Officers of law enforcement agencies;
Military men;

Methods of work with the above-mentioned groups of citizens. Photographing, audiotaping with the preparation of short sketches for radio, newspapers and posters. If other technical facilities are available than videotaping is desirable for broadcasting on local channels. Thus, prepared video, audio, radio materials and messages (10 - 15 min.) could be broadcast between television and radio programs and published in newspapers. They could be used for longer blocs of television and radio materials on the eve of elections to produce a final «blow» on the electorate.

III. Special events within the Program «Now that we are united!»

1. Action «Mandate (List of desiderata presented by electors to the President) for the President!»

Non-governmental organizations and public associations represent the largest group of organized structures that accumulate interests of citizens. In the Rostov Oblast public associations include hundreds of thousands of people. THIS NUMBER IS MUCH HIGHER THAN THE NUMBER OF THE MEMBERS OF POLITICAL PARTIES.

In such circumstances the best effect could be produced by the event «Mandate for the President». B. Yeltsin has expressed a strong intention to build a civic society in Russia. That is why the President is especially interested in the list of desiderata from local organizations and associations. In this respect it is necessary to address NGOs and other public associations with a proposal to compile a list of suggestions for the President for the improvement of the situation in the sphere of activities of these NGOs. Also, it would be appropriate to organize a round table discussion (conference) with adoption of the list of desiderata for the future President of Russia. Such proposals must be covered in mass media and must be forwarded to the local headquarters for Yeltsin support, which will produce a separate publication and forward it to the President.

2. «Letter to a stock-holder»

Most of industrial enterprises and agricultural farms are stock-holding companies. To be honest their stock-holders either receive low dividends or no dividends at all. However, there is still some hope left for dividends and profits from stocks at these enterprises. That is why the employee feels his/her dependence from the enterprise, its managers and economic conditions.

The action «Letter to a stock-holder» includes forwarding personal letters to stock-holders by heads of enterprises covering the following points:

- now the situation at a given enterprise is not the most favorable one, but there is some ground to assume that it will eventually improve (during his visit to the Oblast of Rostov President Yeltsin signed several documents important for the development of the region);
- the economic situation will improve if President Yeltsin gets reelected, because he gave promises and guarantees of economic support for the Oblast;
- the improvement of the economic situation will result in material and other benefits for employees and residents of the Oblast;
- such positive changes are impossible if President Yeltsin does not get reelected; the situation can even aggravate;

If it is too complicated to forward personal letters directly to stock-holders, than flyers could be disseminated at all enterprises (in the rural regions flyers can de distributed door-to-door);

3. Action «WARNING»

After publication of official results of the first round of elections negative symptoms appeared in the economic and political life of the country; they will become worse if communists come to power:

- payments of pensions today in the Oblast depend only on the personal control of President Yeltsin;

if the incumbent President loses than pensions will not be paid;

- some of the food delivering companies have informed the Oblast Administration that they will suspend shipments of goods and wares to the Oblast if Zyuganov wins in the elections;
- there are premises to assume that in case the results of elections are negative for the incumbent President the work of some commercial banks will be stopped affecting all clients who reside in the Oblast of Rostov;
- some of the joint projects with participation of foreign clients have been suspended until the results of the second round of elections;
- for an unclear period of time the channels of credits and funds for the Oblast will remain closed;
- the information is available that if Zyuganov wins in the elections Russian-Chechen negotiations will stop and the ruthless wave of terrorism will sweep across the southern territories of Russia;

Shortly, Yeltsin's success will alleviate these painful symptoms.

IV. Key moments in the strategy of the propaganda activities for the second round of elections

Analyses of the public polls allows to draw some conclusions about the most acute problems for the residents of the Rostov Oblast and about priority steps that are expected from the President of Russia.

The main problem is the war in Chechnya. 67% of respondents expressed their strongest concern about the war in Chechnya. The war problem is placed far ahead of unemployment, economic crises, prices, etc.

Skyrocketing prices (60%), unemployment (58%), economic decline (40%).

The first steps that are expected from the new President according to the results of the polls are: timely control over payment of pensions (60%), peace in Chechnya (54%), timely payment of salaries (52%).

The message to the public should be the following - all mentioned steps are being taken by the incumbent President and are successfully realized. THE ECONOMIC PROGRAM OF PRESIDENT YELTSIN IS BEING IMPLEMENTED; PEOPLE WILL NOT SUFFER ANOTHER «PERESTROIKA».

Types of information messages that can be used as part of the propaganda period

- An agreement has been signed between the Administration of Chechnya and the Rostov Oblast that will provide more guarantees for peaceful coexistence between Chechnya and the Oblast of Rostov;
- The World Bank and the President of Russia in May 1996 have provided 138,7 mln. $ to the Oblast of Rostov for the improvement of the system of schools, health care and water supply;
- The Federal Republic of Germany has given credit to the Oblast of Rostov for the modernization of the sugar-manufacturing enterprise;
- With assistance of President Yeltsin the Government of the RF has allocated 78 mln. DM to the Oblast of Rostov for the construction of a new plant for production of videotapes;


As has already been mentioned in the paragraph describing the action «WARNING!» all of the above-mentioned positive achievements and planned activities will definitely stop if communists come to power. The opposite side does not give any guarantees that everything that they promise will be accomplished.

V. Peculiarities of the counter propaganda activities in the second round of elections

The analyses of the current situation proves that the following events and actions have become inadequate and insufficient in the second round of elections:

- organization of anticommunist meetings;
- slashing criticism of Zyuganov and communists;
- anonymous criticism

In the second round of elections the following activities must be used as antipropaganda:

- manifestation that Zyuganov is not only criticized by the «PARTY OF POWER» but also by Yavlinski, Zhirinovski, Lebed, Fyodorov, etc..
- indication of the fact that Zyuganov is being criticized by other communists (for example, in every region of the Oblast it is possible to find communists who may say: «I am a communists, but I do not see why I personally should vote for Zyuganov)



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